A bit about me

Well I am Tuxcedo Ninja and I am a pretty normal guy, for the most part. I have many likes and few dislikes. I am not one to really hate anyone but I have wished horrible  deaths to those who have crossed me.  Actually I have never wished any one to die but to be hit by a semi truck and then struck by lightning. Now this may seem vindictive but  that’s how I feel at times.  Now for the most part I do not get angry. I feel that I can be very understanding of things.  For example I am for Gay Rights or what they are really called Rights. As long as you are not trying to cause harm to me, others, or yourself I really do not care what you do.  Besides that I do things by a case by case bases.  Cause for me my relaxed personality prevents me from getting to worked up over things that I have no control over. Now with that being said things a I do have control over I at the very least try an do what I can.

Here is some vague stats about me

  • I am between the ages of 19-28
  • Non-Hispanics
  • I do not fit my racial stereotype
  •  The inner workings of my mind are a scary place to be
  • I am a hopeless romantic at heart

What else should I revel about my self… Oh if I had the money I would be a member of the N.R.A . If I had one wish it would be to control physics an space and time and bend them to my will. So at the very least the world would not be such a fucked up place. It just be a lot smarter and more interesting. I also do not trust the United States government but would fight and die  for the rights that go with being a Human being. An just so I am clear I do not like the idea of Nationalism because that gets people the idea of  US vs. Them an that only causes trouble in the end. An with that being said I still like to respect one Sovereignty and Anonymity.  The problem that sometimes occurs is that we as humans and nations like to go to the extremes for either one. Enough politics before the Feds waste their time looking and cataloging my blog.


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