War Path

War Path is the working title of a game that I am currently thinking about making in Unreal Development Kit or UDK using the Unreal Engine 3. Now the big issue is that I suck at UDK  but am pretty good with Unity.  With that being said I am currently waiting for this book. Now one may be asking your self hey Tux why are you making a game? An the answer would be I am a Game Studies Major(this would be my 5th major change). Now I am getting this book not because it for one of my classes it is for me. Cause you see I am still in the early classes, though fun, are still some ways a way from what I really want to learn and that is programming for games. So I took it upon my self to start up this side project that was originally for a context but was not do able with my current skill level and time. So instead I am going to get a head start on my future core classes and make this happen. Preferably before the end of summer. And for anyone interested her is the original design doc.

Original Design Doc. This will change at a later date.

Title – War Path

Genre- Platformer with shooting aspects

Materials- UE3/Blender/ Interwebs

Console- PC


Main Goal- Make a demo for Level Up 2013 with the deadline of June 6. So I have 9 weeks so I need to get my shit together!! Not going for a win but at least some recognition.


The Game- The purpose of the game is  for the player to explore an abandoned military base in the year 20XX. (now for the contest I will do two levels) While exploring the base the player must traverse hazardous terrain in order to reach the Main Super Computer. The player must reach the computer to retrieve the generic info that was left there for some stupid reason cause its a plot device. An while  looking for the info the player must fight [ insert semi generic creatures that may or may not be from outer space] and of course not die.

Game Goals- solid lighting- UE3 🙂

solid gameplay

challenging yet not painfully difficult level design

half way decent enemy AI

Everything above the line is a Must


Everything below the line is a Maybe

when the player dies too often the game gradually gets harder or weaker- toss up

Actual voice overs- Highly unlikely

Rage/God mode

[insert another cool idea that I do not how to code]

The main goal is to at  least be recognized or the thanks for trying award.



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