I Like Guns

I do not love guns I only like guns. An I only like guns because I am poor and can not afford a gun. Though if I did have the money I would have multiple guns and a shit ton of ammo. With that being said I am totally against Universal background checks cause that would create a registry. An when everyone know who has a gun(s) criminals know who to either avoid or rob them for their guns.  Having a giant list of all people with guns would not make us safer.  I say that because criminals would not be on this list. Why would a criminal think its a good idea to legally buy a gun that he/she will later use to commit a crime. If anything it is smarter to steal a gun that was legally purchased,  commit said crime, and toss the gun.  Unless the person is outright stupid or mentally ill would anyone use a gun that has a paper trail to do commit a violent act. I like the saying “guns don’t  kill people, people kill people.”

Ok now since I just gave the abridged version of why new gun laws are stupid let’s get back to the actual guns. Guns are fascinating tools that come in all shapes and sizes. There are so many guns out there that there is bound to be a gun that fits anyone needs.  Though like I said earlier I only like guns cause I am poor. But If I did have the money I would get the AR-15. The gun that is either seen as the villain or a hero in the eyes of the American public. Though I want one because it is the most accurate, reliable, an affordable semi automatic rifle that a citizen can but legally. Now if I could get a fully automatic M4 or HK 416 I would. But since I am not a Navy Seal  and do not have the cash to get the license to own a fully automatic weapon, I’ll stick with the AR-15. An since I live in Nebraska were open carry is legal I would carry my AR around town. Then again people would get really jump and call the police on me so I would probably ease them in by open caring a .45 pistol instead. Now I like the .45 cause of its stopping power. If I am going to shoot someone I want to know that they are going down. Then again I only know all this from second had account cause the only thing I shoot was a 12 cage shoot gun. Again this is were being poor sucks.  But if I did have the money I would try out many types of guns before I picked a few I would buy. An one might ask “hey Tux, why do you need so many guns?” And my answer would be “Its non of your damn business.”


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