Know Your Rights

While browsing through the Reddit front page I came across this post, with video. that I found to be noteworthy for today.

Quick summary: Police are called to a house for an alleged domestic dispute yet the couple say the are just having an argument. The police ask them to come out side but they refuse. [When the police ask the couple “why” they are not coming out, the man inside tells police: “Because we don’t live in a police state, sir. Martial law has not been established in this country.”] Then the police proceed to break open the door, without a warrant, and tase the couple and the video ends.

Now the video and the article do not give the complete picture of what happened before and after the cell phone footage.  Though what I do know is that there 4th Amendment rights were ignored. Then comes the question why did the officers feel the need to come inside, tasers drawn, and when the people refused to bow down like sheep tase and arrest the couple. If anything it would have been safer for the officers to respect those people’s rights not to leave there house after they had said they were just having a verbal argument.  Now to me it seem that those police officers felt disrespected when the couple just didn’t automatically fold to their authority. An then had to show them who was boss.  An the sad thing is I am not even that surprised by this video.  Cause I have seen many videos just like this on youtube and many of them much more disturbing than this one.  It can be somewhat shocking that this is happening in America where we are supposed to feel safe around the police and not fear them.

With that being said I still want to believe that not all cops are bad. That the majority of police officers follow  and uphold the United States Constitution.  That there are officers that do not go behind what they are legally capable of doing. But as I type this are  good cops really that good when they know who and what the supposed bad cops are doing? Are they really upholding the law when they know that there fellow cops are breaking it? Now the law can be iffy on this at times but morally and ethnically it is wrong to see or know someone who has committed a crime and do nothing about it .(unless you live by the saying “snitches get stitches.”) Now I am not saying we are on the fast track to a police state but we are slowing getting there step by step.

“All that is necessay for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”-Edmund Burke



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