The Button Affair- Game Review

[Watch the game trailer and download the game here]

First I would like to admit that I was actually a bit surprised by this little game. After first initially watching the game trailer I thought it might have over hyped the game. But once I started playing it did it justice.

Story- The story is entertaining and yet pretty simple. A thief/ladies man tries to steal a ruby called “the button”. An through the three levels it shows the capture, escape and payback of the hero. Also at the very end there are two alternate endings. One is happy and the other is bad so choose carefully.

Music- This games music fits perfectly for what they were trying to accomplish. It diffidently gives the vibe of a 70’s spy film or the original Oceans Eleven movie or modern version if you are not into films before you were born. Plus the soundtrack is all original and is free for download.

Design/Game play-The design for this game is simple yet satisfying, kinda like its controls. The only keys that are used are the up,down, left and right keys. Use the up key to jump over obstacles and the down to roll underneath.  Now the game itself with is simple controls can be a bit tricky especially at the end of level 2 and level 3 for the most part. There are times were timing is key to make it to the next checkpoint. Though it is not to hard were one would rage quite. But you will die in this game which in itself is not too bad since each death has its own short cut scene which can be entertaining. Which brings back to the art of the game, where all of the characters have no faces but the text bubbles and body langue convey who each person is. Also each level its own set piece with its own challenges.

Overall this game is simple yet quite enjoyable. Though a down/upside is that it is very short(will take 10 minutes at most to beat) but that works in  its favor cause any longer it would be just too repetitive. Though one can not really complain with a free game.



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