Failure is Always an Option

Failure is something that most people have to deal with, except for the few people who all they do is win and I hope they get hit by a bus. Now for the rest of humanity we all have failed at something sometime in our lives. Some have failed more than others and in the end many of those who failed the most make it in the end. But then we get in situations in the movies where if they fail it is the end of humanity or in reality its the end of a 15 year relationship. Now in both these situations one may feel that “I better not fuck up now” which would totally be understandable. Though in the end you can fail but the end result will suck and for most people the worst case scenario is death.  Though I personally feel the real worst case scenario is a fate worse than death. I’ll let you mull that over in your head for a bit but don’t too long or else you will go to a real dark place.

Transition to a happier tone. Failure can be used as a tool for learning. For example if one tries to make a triple A title video game and it tanks they can do one of 4 things. They can give up and cry in there room for the rest of eternity. They can figure out maybe this was not right for me. Try again and be the definition of insanity. Or they can learn from there mistakes and try again.  And this is were I tell you to never give and never surrender and those who persevere make it in the end.  Which is true for the most part but sometimes you just got to know when to call it quiets and move on. But if there is anything I know for sure is repeated failures sucks and at times you just want one thing to go right. And when that one success happens it changes your day or even week. Then its back to failures. But if all else fails just remember it can always be worse.

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