Change Up

Hello all 15 of my followers, which I thank each and everyone of you for doing, I have good news, possibly. Right now I am in a Brain Storming state to change up the site.  I am either going to narrow the spectrum of things I do on this blog or create another one.  Now you may be thinking hey “Tux whats with the change up” or “you have not been around  long enough to change up.” Well to answer that it is quite simple. I am currently broke an unemployed and I figured since my summer is pretty free I might as well try and start my own business. I figure worst case scenario is I make a blog that gets decent popularity and no money. Best case I start an only business that pays the bills. Either way I have fun and do what I want.

Now I would like to ask my few followers, what would you like to see different, stay the same or don’t care. In the end I will do what I feel will be best and hopefully make me some money on the side.



One thought on “Change Up

  1. That sounds like an awesome idea dude. I am working this summer but I would love to make my own business and be able to support myself. Best of luck and if ever need any help you can shoot by my blog and leave a line.

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