Edjamacation(“Education” for the learned)

The United States has education problems. The price to go to college has gone up, kids are getting arrested for being kids,  good teachers are under paid while the bad ones can sit around and do nothing. Now there are many problems  with lots of people who have legit ideas to fix the problems. But in the end the real issue will be money,always has been. So in this post I will tell you what I would do if I had complete control of  education.

First thing you should do, as a reader, would be to watch this video to broaden you mind.

Now the things I would do are;

  • Stop the  School-to-Prison Pipeline– What is the point of educating our future if we are just going to send them to jail for being uneducated kids.
  • Put more emphasis on the arts and creativity
  • Teach kinds to think for themselves instead of how to think
  • Provide more forms of education College is not for everyone so we need more vocational and entrepreneurial type learning
  • Do not close schools, especially in areas with  lots of minorities Chicago, I am looking at you.
  • And Most importantly give people incentives to be Good teachers and make learning fun so kids will pay attention

This list here is just a few things that I would do to change how we teach.  Now there are many more things we could do to change things but many will never come due to old ideology, government aid requirements and lack of common sense.  I personally feel that  lack of common sense is one of the biggest hurdles, right of there with money.  If we used more common sense we could have more particle classes like “how to bank”, “don’t be a douche”, and “just be you”. And all these classes would be taught in high school so kids can make that transition  to adulthood more gracefully.  Then instead of letting many kids go off to college and make a lot of unnecessary mistakes, especially when it comes to money. Also with common sense classes they can start say during the sixth grade and they do not have to be complicated. For example one topic would be take a shower and wear deodorant. Or when meeting someone new make eye contact and shake with a firm handshake. As the kids get older try new topics like how to change a tire or how to act at an interview.  All the teachers really have to do is keep it simple and repeat the lessons often, like once a week minimum for 10 minutes.

In the end if we just did some little basic things over and over again the future of America, better yet the World, could easily be a better place. But at the pace we are going now the rest of the World will be a better place and America will be left in the dust.



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