Change Up Part Deuce

Well after a good nights sleep I have come up with a rough plan that will hopefully be entertaining for all. First off this sites focus will  shift towards Games and the Art of games. And will be but not limited to;

  • Game art/style/story/music/animations also fan art
  • Occasional game reviews focused on primarily on small indie and hobbits game makers
  • Game development from a hobbyist to hopeful one day pro point of view.
  • Game code – still up in the air since I know little to no code
  • For the Love Of the Game- Possible weekly topic

Also another change will be in the name of the site. For now that is still up for debate but will possibly happen sometime this week. Another change is that all the non-game related things on this blog will move to a new blog that will be for all mt personal thoughts and rants. Also more pictures of things that I see. That blog will be up by Friday at the latest.

Now one may ask ” Tux why are you telling your plan to change your blog.” Well its quite simple, first it keeps me accountable  and second I can document the change with input  from my follow, now at 19 woot woot. Stay tuned for more updates.




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