Another Sonic Game

Video Source: Machinima

Part of me is in shock that there is a new Sonic game, a very small part, and the rest is just meh. I say that because Sonic is a franchise that I feel that should have just gone out gracefully in its prime but keeps coming back for more, like Mario. To me, sonic peaked with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Now I can not talk to badly of a series that I am literally 2 months older than. But I have to say that when the series got to Sonic Hero’s it tanked for me. I kept seeing game after game come out  and watching my younger siblings play each one only because it was a sonic game. An all of them were super corny and directed to an audience that never had the joys of playing the original versions. But as I look at this trailer I see that they are trying something new with a flair for the old.

They obviously brought back the little woodland creatures that Sonic would save in the first games.  Also  they went the Mario Galaxy route when it comes to level design. Which in itself is not a bad thing but could be confusing with the speed of the game. Then there are the new villains that will be more than likely be fairly generic one-dimensional characters like Eggman. Though Sonic games are not renowned for their story but solid core mechanics, for the most part. I just hope for all of mankind that at least this game is ok.



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