Change Up Part Tres(3)

Well after talking to a friend of mine who has already started his own business, with YouTube and a website, I have come done to the following conclusions.

  1. Network- I have realized that I will only be able to go so far on my own and that is why those who have already reached out to me and the few game blogs that follow me, I will be in contact with you in the near future. I will also get to work on a twitter and Facebook page since they are free. In the long run I want to get my name out on  search engines. And of course I will do the usual thing of talking to people, you know that thing people use to do.
  2. Focus the blog,again This blog will primarily become my Development Diary that I will be working on during the summer. In between updates I will post news of games ranging from small game developers to big triple A games, but mostly on smaller companies cause they need more love.
  3. No Goes The art aspect of the site will go on the back burner. So will my secondary personal blog. So if you are sad that you will not see my rants I am sorry(not really). Instead I will rant about video games in place of social economic issues or thing that I think are stupid.
  4. Partners- As I was thinking of changing up the blog I realized that I am going to need some help to do all the things I want to do. So just so everyone knows I am actively looking for assistance.  I am looking for someone who is willing to help on a favor based system and enjoys video games. Also  good advice in general is also welcomed.

As of now this list is essentially my 6 month plan cause a lot can happen in that time span. Of course if this whole blog thing does not work out at least I have a resume of sorts. But in the mean time I am going to rearrange the blog and delete some content.  Also before I forget I also have an idea for a mascot of sorts and all I need now is someone to make it.



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