PC Master Race


For those who didn’t know there is such a thing as the PC Master Race.  It was a term first coined by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw on the Escapist site when he was doing a review for the The Witcher. And most recently he wrote up his opinion of the current upcoming console generation and  he sees them(Xbox One) as elitist. Personally though I see myself more as a PC guy than a console user myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I started out on consoles like the Sega Genesis,  N64, 360 and finally my PS3.  But over time I got tired of the exclusives for the one console I did not have at the time. Also the fact I went through 3 360’s did not help either. Eventually during my senior year in high school, while in a programming class, I made some friends who are into PC gaming. Thanks to them I decided to build my first PC and have never gone back.

What I like about PC gaming is just the huge variety of games. Thanks to Steam and Indie Developers there are just so many games to pick from. An if one is patient they can get a triple A title for half the price, or free(pirate) if you are really cheap. But for the most part there are a lot of high quality games out there for under $10. Or if you just wait for a Steam sale you can get a game next to nothing. Then there is the fact that you have an almost infinite backlog of games to play. As long as you have some patience and do a bit of research you can play old N64 games on your PC. But probably my favorite thing about PC gaming is the mods. With mods anything is possible and I mean anything.

Now I do admit that on the front end of things making(only noobs buy gaming PC’s)a high-end PC able to play games on all Ultra setting can be quite expensive.  An there is the fact that some high-profile games might not come out on the PC or come out months after launch. But on the flip side you have a huge catalog of games to pick from and in the end can pay little to nothing for hours of fun. Also you do not have to worry about your next PC able to play the games you have already bought. An in the event you notice your PC is having trouble running Battlefield 4 all you probably need to do is replace a graphics card and not your entire PC. Now I do not feel like I am an elitist for being apart of the PC Master Race but these guys at Reddit do. In the end it comes down to what you want . If you just want to sit down and play, go with a console. But if you want to get everything out of your games go PC. In the end if you still think your console is still the best I will not think less of you, you dirty peasant.


One thought on “PC Master Race

  1. You raise a lot of good points of about PC gaming. A lot of my friends are into it, but I’m always in my bedroom with my console going. :p I used to be into console gaming, but for some reason I didn’t really get into it a lot. I mostly just found myself playing games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and the Movies. With the way the gaming market is going this past year however, I might just have to get back into it again. 😀


    ~ Wesley Butler

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