Why Steam is Fantastic!


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For those who do not know Steam is a an online store, made by Valve, that sells PC and Mac games for dirt cheap prices. That’s the definition for those who are not into computer gaming. Those who do play PC games probably already have Steam and or Origins, if you roll like that, on their machines. So this article will basically be a circle jerk like my previous article on the PC Master Race.

  1. Sales!- There is basically a sale for every season. Speaking of which, the Summer sale should be happening not to long from now. If you are cheap and or broke all the time all you have to do is wait for a sale and get a great game for at least %50 off. It is especially great with how the economy sucks right now. Though the slight downside is that one may buy a game, play it once or twice and never play it again. Which is fine when you spent $2 on it.
  2. Variety- There are just so many games on steam, one can broaden their gaming horizons. Why just play shooters when you can get a cool looking puzzle game for $3. If you don’t like it it’s no big deal since it was $3 instead of trying to convince your self  how to rationalize spending $60  on that crappy shooter. But the small down side would be a hard drive full of games you don’t ever play but keep around for that one day that you do.
  3. Community/Greenlight- The Community on Steam overall is just so active especially when it comes to mods. Though if you really want really unique mods you will have to go to game specific mod sites. Then there is Steam Greenlight that is a platform for hopeful indie developers were they get the chance to have their game seen by a large audience. An in the event their game is picked they can make a little cash. I like this part the most because I feel the future of gaming will be in small 10 -40 man operations that  make games. Not so much these huge operations like EA or Ubisoft.

In the end Steam is just a great platform for getting games to the users with out DRM which is evil.



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