GameStop Begging for Trade In’s

Yesterday I went out  to BDubs to pick up some wings I called in. While I was out I thought to my self, why don’t I stop at Game Stop for a bit since its only a 100 ft away. So I go into Game Stop on a Friday at around 7. An to my surprise there were at least 8-13 customers, two cashiers and what appears to be a manager. (By the way I have never seen a manager at a Game Stop) An I say appears because no one was wearing name tags but as soon as I walked in an looked around this guy was instantly asking if I needed help. After I politely decline he then asks if I had any used games I wanted to sell and hands me a flyer. To me this all seemed strange.

First off I have never seen so many people in at Game Stop except for a Midnight release. Though I do admit I have never been in on a Friday so I will go back next week to see if this is a trend. Next thing I found strange is that someone was actively trying to get my used games and electronics. They usually do not do that until you are about to make a purchase. Now at this point I got to thinking why they are doing this. Then I thought back to the Microsoft press conference on May 21.  There was a lot of uncertainties about well everything, and still are. But a few days after the conference the rumor mill started to say that  instead of Game Stop  pocketing all the cash on the sell of a used game. Microsoft and the Developer would get a cut and drop Game Stop’s cut to about 10% on the sell of used games. And coincidentally Game Stop’s stock dropped on May 24 from ~36 dollars a share to ~31 dollars a share in one day. That’s a 13.9% drop in stock. Though as of Friday their stock ended at 33.16  for the day.

Which begs the question is Game Stop trying to stock pile used games and electronics before the release of the Xbox One? Or did I just happen to come across and out of the blue event. But for scientific purposes I will go back every Friday for the month of June to see if this was just a fluke or not.



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