Bad Company 3 a No Go


According to the Battlefield Twitter  Bad Company is currently not “in active development.” Which is a bummer and not really that surprising. It is a bummer because, for me at least, that was the first game I got when I finally broke down and got a PS3. In all honesty it is the only reason I even cared that Battlefield 3 came out. For me Bad Company 2 is probably  my second favorite shooter of all time next to MW2(sunk 100+ hours into it). Now some may say some of the older shooters like Doom or Quake are better but I never played them so I can’t compare.  Lazy transition.

Though for me BC2 showed me that one can have realistic bullet drops and comedy all in one game and not come off to cheesy.  But the thing I liked most was playing on huge maps.  Cause back when Halo 2 was around I would always play Big Team Battles because I liked playing with lots of people and preferred larger maps. Instead of smaller maps where I would get ganked a lot. Then there were the pre-recorded Com messages that came up when an objective was completed, or not. They seemed more over the top and humorist when spoken in BC2  than BF3. For me BC2 will always be better than BF3 for three reasons. First it did not take itself too seriously. Second, it actually had an enjoyable single player. Thirdly, I actually had a positive K/D.  An the fact that a BC3 is not in the works makes me a bit sad.

On the flip side I understand why they are not working on it now. It just makes smart business sense to put all your resources into a project that you know will make a shit tone of money. An I am talking about Battlefield 4 for those who have been living  in a bunker. Though as most people know the Internet does not like EA all that much but we still buy their games. It’s like an abusive relationship, we know we should leave but we keep coming back for more.  Though in the end I’ll just wait for it to go on sale briefly after Christmas.




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