UDK Test Canceled

My original plan was to make a little project in UDK and post a little cinematic of the level I made. But while working on it today I have realized that, at least my version, of UDK starts off fine but once you put some time into a project it gets buggy. With that being I will stop playing with UDK and go back to  Unity 3D. The first development kit I worked on. For the rest of the week I will make a small random project just so I get back into the feel of  the program.  Then after that I’ll get to work on my summer project code-named Tango Blue.

Despite not being able to finish a project in UDK I did learn a few things.

  1. UDK is not exactly the best platform for beginners
  2. I have learned how much that I do not know,  a shit tone
  3. Finding up to date tutorials is hard with software that is always updating
  4. People doing tutorials on You Tube seem to all have shitty microphones
  5. I probably should have started with Unity 3D from the get go but wanted to explore



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