E3 is Almost Here!

For those who are not in the loop E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is June 11-13 at the LA Convention  Center. An I figured since this is a gaming blog I should start talking about one of the biggest gaming conventions on the planet. But to truly do that I would have to be there and probably have a small team with me.  And since I do not have either, I will scour the net for the latest updates.  But since this is a one man operation working through proxies I can only promise so much but here is what I can promise.

  • A review of the Big 3 press conference or you can look for a live stream
  • A Crap tone of trailers/game-play videos as soon as they are available
  • I will have a slight bias to show games I like – just trying to be honest

Now my three little promises may seem weak but think of it this way. You could scour the  net yourself  for the latest gaming news or you come here for a nice condensed version. Either way E3 should have some exciting news this year.

Also here is an E3 Saints Row 4 trailer



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