Conflicted About Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs  and GTA V are the only two games that I really care that come out this year but lets talk about Watch Dogs for now. As you saw above in the new E3 trailers, and past trailers, the game is about a protagonist who has the ability to hack just about anything through his cell. Now normally I would say that was a pretty cool ability for the presumably anti-hero vigilantly type character. But if you have been watching the news at all you would know that the details of PRISM was leaked. With that being said, Watch Dogs reality may one day be our own reality. Now I know that we do not have the same tech as in the game  but I find it odd I want to play a game that basically read George Orwels 1984.  Though I am conflicted to play a game that  breaks the 4th amendment and would have dangerous implications in real life.  I rather see that kind of sweeping power in the hands of an anti-hero than the United States Government any day.



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