Consoles and Tablets – The Future of Gaming?

After going over the press conference footage again I noticed an interesting trend and that is the incorporation of tablets with console games. There are several games where to really get the most out  of it you would need to be online. For example Need for Speed Rivals  is a game where you could be casual driving around and decide to start a race. The race starts, you drive way above the speed limit and break multiple traffic laws. Then the next thing you know the cops are after you.  Now while you are driving you do not know if the cops are AI or another player. Which in its self makes every race unique and different. Now that tablets are so popular and readily available, it is not too surprising that game developers would try to incorporate them in to their games. Going back to our example of Need for Speed apparently there can be a third person on a tablet that can call in a police helicopter to aid the police. So by adding this game play feature  a single player game can easily turn into a multiplayer game spanning multiple platforms.

Personally I find that cross-platform inter connectivity could be a good thing but I still hold my reservations. What about people who have either crappy or no internet? Or people who like to play strictly single player? Are they better off just not buying that particular game  or can they still have fun if they don’t want to play with others? Though I think for most games those questions will not really be an issue except for maybe The Crew. Cause  according to one of the developers in an interview to that it will basically be an MMO Car game of sorts. Which means to get anything really out of it you need to be online, but it has no subscriptions fees which is nice. Overall I like that developers are broadening their horizons by letting other people either help or deter others games as long as it is not mandatory. But as long as the marriage of tablet and consoles games starts out well it will keep on going on until the next new thing.


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