Rockstar Too Cool For E3

For those of you have been paying attention Rockstar Games, for many, is considered the bad boys of gaming and they have rightfully earned that unofficial title. With titles like Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne and GTA they make games for an audience that like gritty  story and game play. Though their most notorious game would probably be Manhunt which got a lot of media attention due to its  graphic kills and if I remember correctly it got banned in the UK, or was that Manhunt 2. Anyways Rockstar is a company that plays by their own rules and does what ever the fuck they want, like not attending E3.


Now I do not know if Rockstar has given an official reason for not going but people who have been covering E3 longer than I have been playing games have better insight on this. For example Rob Smith, Editor-In-Chief of Machinima, has said that Rockstar feels too  cool for the little dog and pony show know as E3(not exact words). But the thing is Rockstar does not even need to attend E3 from the get go because they have such a large and loyal fan base. They have such a loyal fan base because they make quality games. Though the down side to that quality is that a new game does not come out for several years but in the end is well worth the wait. Besides, Rockstar does a good enough job of promoting themselves because all they have to do is release a teaser and the internet takes it from their. For the most part there fans do all the promoting for them. Now the exception to that rule would be GTA San Andreas which had a  tv commercial that aired a lot but that might have to deal with Halo 2’s commercial playing at the same time. But I am not sure since I was still a fairly casual gamer back then.


Though now a days they really do not have to put much effort into showing of their works of art. But when they do show of to the press they do it on their own terms which then feeds their bad boy nature. Personally I feel that Rockstar is the only company that can really pull off this attitude especially when your company is called Rockstar. But as long as they keep making quality games that cater to their fan base they will be around for a long time.



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