Video Game Vilolence- Yes I Went There

Since the dawn of civilization politicians and allegedly morally upright  citizens have tried to condemn any form of media that depicts violence and or sex. People like this tend to be very religious and feel that if you do not believe in what they believe that your eternal soul will be damned for all eternity. These people will sometime blame books, comics, movies and video games for our countries morality problems.  An these supposedly up right citizens  will blame these forms of entertainment and then either ban or limit the spread of  the material. Now I believe that there reasoning is that if you eliminate violence from the media it will eliminate real world violence and video games are just the newest scapegoat.

Now in the above video Franklin Graham  speaks to news anchor John Stossel  of Fox News and tries to argue why violent video games should be banned or at the very least taxed. His first argument was to try to use the Bible to prove that games are violent. But if you have ever read the Bible, or watched the History Channel’s “The Bible”, you would know that their is a lot of violent scenes in it. So much so that one could argue that the Bible should be banned  for its violence but that would never happen for multiple reason, one being the 1st Amendment. Then Mr. Graham tries to argue, like the head of the NRA, to say that video games glorify the gun and make it perverse. That people who consume this form of entertainment become numb to there emotions and will rationalize why it would be ok to shoot a bunch of people. Though the problem with that is there is no actual scientific data to back up the idea that violent video games cause violence especially when violence has gone down. I say this because if video games actually made people more violent than we should have had a lot more school shootings. Overall Mr. Graham argues against video games based on his moral and emotional opinion. He does not even really try to come up with a legitimate rational thought of his own that would even warrant the taxing of games. Personally if you do not like violent material do not look at it and use some common sense instead of opposing your moral stance on me.


With all that being said Mr. Graham is a man, unfortunately, out of touch with how society is today.  Him and others like him tend to be well off, over 50 , white males that grew up differently than most people, let alone most Americans. He more than likely did not have to really have to struggle in life and sees America through rose-colored glasses. He probably did not grow up in an inner city neighborhood where the schools are bad, the jobs that do exist are very low paying and everyone is just trying to survive, not live.  Violence does not come from entertainment, it comes from substandard living conditions, bad parenting, or you just being an asshole. But to fix these problems that would mean investing in infrastructure in neighborhoods where crime is high and people live in poverty. That would mean they would have to actually put in 1000’s of man hours to get a return in a couple of decades. Now financially that would be a bad investment but from a moral stand point it would be well worth it. But it is a lot easier to get rid of something that you dislike based on your “moral” compass than to fix social economic problems.


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