PC Master Race 1.1

So in the wake of the Xbone reversal of DRM, and other policies, there are some who ask why do PC’s get a free pass when it comes to DRM? Well the short answer is that PC’s don’t suck at DRM. A longer and more eloquent answer by Jimothy Sterling  can be found at The Escapist site. But arguably the best reason is that PC’s have a much larger variety of games, and I’ll explain that in just a bit. But first let me show you a an example of variety in gaming.

Lets say you own a PS3 and you wanted a physical copy of a new game.  You are often limited to a $60 game, that is probably not an original IP, from one of the major publishers that can only be bought from a handful of outlets. Now if you do not like the game you can return it to Game Stop but get less than what you payed for. Or if you want a digital copy of a game you are limited to just the PSN store and have to pay whatever seems appropriate. But at least how I understand things is you will be able to keep your PSN content if you upgrade to a PS4. Now the Xbone on the other hand, whatever is on you Live account just stays there. Which sucks if you just want all the your content on one machine.


PC’s on the other hand have multiple online outlets where you can get  not only a $60 triple  A title but a small  Indie titles range from the price of  Free to $20. Now I do know that Microsoft and Sony allow Indie games but the PC allows anyone with a game to have a platform to show it off.  Though the downside to that is that there are just so many  games that sometimes the really good Indie games get barred under the crappy ones. But on the flip side, it cost you little to nothing so even if you do play a crappy game you only wasted your time and not your money.

Now you may be asking what does variety have to do with DRM in the first place? Well for most people DRM is just a bad idea that is usually implemented with horrible side effects. Sim City and Diablo 3 are the two latest games that were severely hurt by trying to implement DRM at all times even when you just wanted to play a single player campaign. An when you have something  that is seen as such a negative you need a positive to counter balance that. An that counter balances is variety and PC just have more of it.

Overall PC’s are just better than dirty consoles but that’s just me. If want to see my original post click here or look down below at Adam Sessler’s take on the Microsoft reversal.


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