Multiplayer Fun

For most games that come out there are two ways to play. You can play by your self via the campaign or survival/challenge mode. Or you can play multiplayer and or co-op. For this post I will focus on the wonders of multiplayer but first I will touch on the subject of co-op play.

Personally I find that co-op or cooperative play is a mix of single player with multiplayer aspects. The upsides to co-op are:

  • Ability to play and have fun with friends
  • Learn skills for team work
  • Form bonds of friend ship
  • Kill time before going to a party/movie
  • Learn who you could live on a deserted island with
  • Communication skills

Now the down sides are:

  • May not want to talk to said friend after playing Portal 2 together
  • Find out your friends are complete morons
  • Become depressed after realizing you could be so much more after seeing

    the above statement

  • Realize you have no friend to play co-op with

Overall co-op can give you the fun of multiplayer but without the worries of being ganked by a thirteen year old who allegedly had sex with your mother.


Now back to the topic at hand which is multiplayer. Multiplayer is something that is not just limited to video games. Most games in general like board, card games and sports need at least two people to play. For the most part playing with others has the same ups and downs to playing co-op. But the big difference is unpredictability.

Say for example we were playing Borderlands 2 and I had already beaten the game. An one day my friend Scott calls me up and and says “hey Tux, I just got Borderlands 2 lets play together” and I respond with “sure, why not.” So we get on our PS3’s and start a new campaign in BD2 online. So in this situation since I have already beaten the game, I already know what to expect and the only variable is that the enemy NPC’s are tougher. Everything else is predictable and not that much more exciting.

Now lets say that me and my friend Jim wanted to play Battlefield 4 multiplayer together online. We would first make a party and then join a server and play team death match. In this situation we know what we are playing but we do not know who we are playing. We could be playing against a bunch of noobs and both end up with 30-2 K/D ratio. Or we could go against a clan that has played together for years and end up with a K/D of 2-28. This kind of unpredictability makes multiplayer fun or frustrating depending on which end of the spectrum you fall on. It can be fun if you and or your team are working together to crush the other team. Or it can be frustrating when you take 10 steps out side the respond zone and get sniped from across the map. Though for me the game is most fun when both teams are pretty evenly matched and it comes down to that one twitch shot to win by one. With all that being said playing with friends or strangers does not appeal to everyone which is ok because that is were single player comes in which will be discussed in a future post.



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