Titanfall Mechs

Mechs, I feel, are apart of the foundation of any good science fiction. Cause just by saying the words  “science fiction” one automatically thinks of the future and technological advancements that may or may not be based on real science. Now in most western “science fictions” the most they will do is a robotic butler(C-3PO)  or an assassination drode(HK-47). Now if we look to the far east to our Japanese friends, they know how to make giant walking death machines. If you had watched Toonami  say in the early 2000’s you may have come across a show called Gundam Wing (by the way I have the complete series on DVD, cost me almost $70 for the whole set but was well worth it)which is just one of many in the Gundam series. This is just one of the hundreds of shows that feature giant robots with human features that kill each other in the future usually for resources that are running out.

With that all being said  we in the west have never really made(mainstream) anything that was really mech oriented and when a project did have mechs they almost always seem very generic. They rarely have any flair or something that’s says “I want that” like our friends across the Pacific.(Pacific Rim looks to be the exception to the rule) Though after seeing an interview of Joel Emslie the lead artist of Titanfall with Game Informer, mechs just might become more popular or at the very least less generic. As long ABC or FOX does not make a show about them, mechs will always have a special place in my heart.



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