Console Aftermath

It has now been 3 weeks after E3 and many things that were confusing have now been cleared up, for the most part. As you all know Microsoft pretty much dropped the ball twice when it comes to PR. The first time was at their own press conference and the second was at E3. Now in hindsight I have come to learn and understand that Microsoft was really trying to help and not hurt us with their new policies that they later reversed. Ultimately they wanted to go all digital and have something like Steam. There problem was that they didn’t just say they wanted a system like Steam. If they had done that they probably would have evaded a lot of blow back. But they didn’t due to internal and publisher reasons.

Sony on the other hand was very smart with their PR and all they had to do was say the opposite of Microsoft for the most part. But one thing they didn’t do was show off there interface  and they snuck in that the PSN was going to cost $50 a year to play online. But at the press conference after they said it was going to cost $100  less, that right there was it for many people. Right now Sony can do no wrong as long as they keep to there vague promises that no one has any real details to.

From what I have heard though is that most of the pre-order stock for both the Xbox and the PlayStation are sold out. But personally I would strongly recommend waiting till  2014 before buying either one. Now if you would like a longer and slightly more articulated argument of what I have just said please watch the two podcast below. Or you can go back to being butt hurt that other people are not as a big as fan boy as you.



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