Goku in Smash Bros?

After a day of eating BBQ and fireworks yesterday I was pretty tired an just wanted to chill until I went to bed. Instead, one of my old friends and his sister decided to stop by around 10:30. They came to see some fire works but we had just cleaned up. Plus he didn’t even bring any fireworks himself, he is not a very thoughtful friend at times. Anyway we get to talking and the topic of Smash Bros comes up and he says allegedly that Goku from Dragon Ball Z would be in the newest game because Nintendo took over Toei Animation allegedly(makers of DBZ).   At first I was skeptical because I am pretty sure they would have said something during E3. Now that I have done some research on the topic I am 99% sure that this rumor is false.


Though in my search(look through Google for a bit) I found a Petition  that asked Nintendo to pick up Toei so that more anime shows would be produced. Which in itself I feel was a good idea but the petition only got 65 signatures and this was a year ago. The next bit of information seemed to give the rumor a better footing. According to My Nintendo New  they found that a user on an IGN forum that allegedly worked for Nintendo posted several rumors. One of which being: When asked if “a certain Super Saiyan” would join Smash Bros (since Namco is involved), he said it “hasn’t been decided yet, but there is a chance”. At first glance one would think that this would be news for hope but it’s not since this was a pre E3 rumor. An since Nintendo is not exactly known for saying too much or anything at all about their games I will not hold my breath on this one. But we could always hope for this to happen in the next version in a couple of years,maybe.


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