Always On is the Future

For many change is hard because it is different  and there are many unknowns. Others fear change because they are comfortable with what they know already works. Regardless about how you feel about change, change comes whether you like it or not. Gamers are a group of people, who for the most part, are very hesitant of change. There are others that are strongly opposed to change and their reactions are usually just a knee jerk one. But once you learn all the facts then in the end change starts to look pretty awesome.


Now the change I am talking about is not DRM but your games needing to be online at all times. According to a Eurogamer article a few weeks back, games like The Crew and The Division will need to be constantly online to play. Now before you start to panic and think this is another form of DRM it’s not. For example let’s think about World of Warcraft for a little bit. To play WOW you need to be online to play.  If you are not online you can not play.  Now in this instants Ubisoft  is just doing what MMO games have been doing for years. But instead of your PC being connected at all times its your console. An for those of you who remember, Microsoft did try to push the future of gaming to be always online but they just did not present it very well.

Now I do understand that many people do not have a constant internet connection, but they are in the minority. Most Americans have a constant internet connection and we can have faster speeds if we all demand it from our internet providers. Or just tell them you are switching to Google Fiber. But the real problem here is that people fear change and the only way to change that is to be informed. Once you know the pros and cons of something you can make an educated decision instead of one based on ones own bias. I for one, after learning the facts I am all for the future of gaming, but will also be ready when these new technologies are misused.

Now the real question is what will you decided?

For the pros and cons of always online watch this video below.



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