“Sci-fi Skyrim”


Apparently Obsidian, in partnership with Bethesda, have been working on and off again on Backspace.  A Skyrim like game in a sci-fi universe with time machines. That right there is enough for me to throw money at it. Though according to this Kotaku article  the game is just kind of on the shelf. “Backspace was a project concept that we neither cancelled nor greenlit” says Feargus Urquhart, one of the heads of Obsidian. “We had some great people work on the idea for Backspace for a bit of time and then moved them off to other projects as opportunities came up. We’ve been around for ten years now and have had a bunch of great ideas that we still have sitting around that we may be able to return to in the future.”

Though after just looking at some of the concept art and the description of the game I personally do hope it is made. Cause at the moment it seems to have the leveling style and openness of an Elder Scrolls game, with the futuristic feel of Mass Effect, and the gun variety of Borderlands. An in the event that this game actually does get greenlit and all the pieces come together I think that this game could easily be in contention for game of the year say 2016, maybe. One can only hope so.

Some more concept art from Kotaku



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