Firefall not Titanfall


For the past few days I have been playing the free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall, not to be confused with Titanfall, that is currently in open beta.  An today I will give a general description of the game so far. First I would like to state that I have also played the closed and it has improved but is still sluggish at times.

One of the things that the game really tries to do is push a very open world feel. In this MMO there are no levels so there are no level restricted areas. Which means no linear path that is bound by the quests you can take. Which is nice compared to other MMO’s but in scale the map seems quite small compared to other games. Though in this case it is not entirely a bad thing since there is a sprint feature. As far as I can tell there are no mounts but there are transport ships but getting on one is hit or miss.

At this point you might be thinking what the hell am I supposed to do in this game since it is not a traditional MMO. Well if you are in it for the PVE you need to get exploring. To find new missions/quests  you need to find a S.I.N  tower and synchronizes with it to make the surrounding area viewable on your map. The more towers you sync with the more missions become viewable without just stumbling upon them.

When it comes to core game play mechanics this is a shooter with RPG elements. The shooting is pretty solid and is not breaking any new ground. Though unlike most shooters, they are really pushing crafting.  An as in most games you have to mine for materials but with a slight twist. To mine for raw materials you have to call down a “thumper” that drops from space. Its’ called a “thumper” due to the thumping sound it makes. Now while it is mining for materials the sound will attract near by creatures  that you have to fend off until it is done. The nice thing about this aspect of the game is you can just be roaming the world and come across someone and help them defend there thumper and get raw material yourself. For the most part though crafting is pretty straight forward, just find all the materials you need and then make what you need.

Even though it is time-consuming, crafting is important if you want to take on the more difficult missions. The missions are on a difficulty scale of 1-5 with 5 being the hardest. A level one mission can be taken on solo with stock weapons. A level 5 mission, on the other hand, will need a group with upgraded weapons that were crafted. An trust me on the higher level missions you will need the higher level gear cause the enemy NPC’s drop big damage and get very aggressive. Or you just get swarmed by a shit tone of enemies. So upgrade if you want to live.

Upgrading is also fairly straight forward, gain xp and spend it on the upgrades of your choice.(Beta Pro tip- find a mission with a twister icon and just keep shooting. As long as you get to the part were you are warped to another world you will get a lot of xp) PVP looks interesting since it has an E-Sports side to it but I am not to big into that. The story is kinda neat but you can see more if you really care.

Now before I end this post I am going to compare this game to others in certain aspects. When it comes to the design of certain weapons it seems they took some inspiration from the Halo games.  When it comes to verticality it is similar to Titanfall because of the jumpjet boots and the mech like armor the characters wear. These little details are minor, but I thought I bring it up because I can.

Overall though the game seems pretty good though I fear that if they do not add more variety the game will get very repetitive and boring very fast. But since it is still in beta I can not really complain too much. Though I figure by the time it official comes out it I will play it for about a month, which for me is a long time to play any one game.


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