Steam and Me

When the steam sale originally started I was sad because I had no money. Which has been a recurring theme for the past couple of sales. I was broke and anything really cheap did not peak my interest that much.  Though this year, even before the sale, half the catalog just seemed so enticing. With the little money I did have I would see that say the Universe Sandbox was on sale for like $3 so I got it. Fast forward to the current sale I was in waiting. Waiting for Friday to come so I would get my first pay check in quite some time.  The first thing I bought was a 1 TB hard drive. At this point you may be thinking why did I buy a 1 TB hard drive. Well I did it for four reasons:

  1. My main hard drive is only 500GB, but it is older so it is slow
  2. I wanted a space just for my games and projects
  3. I like to know I always have plenty of space for my current and future programs
  4. I have been slowly upgrading my rig over the past 6 months

So after I finished installing my brand new hard drive, which kinda took longer than I would like, I got like 10 games for like $20. Then I uninstalled all the games on my main hard drive and reinstalled my entire library, with a few exceptions, on my new shiny hard drive.  Now one may think this would be a very time-consuming and annoying thing to do but it actually was not that bad on Steam. Uninstalling the games was tedious only because I had so many games to uninstall. When I reinstalled them I started them all up and let it run through the night. When I awoke, after a night of parting, all my games were installed. Now if I had to do the same thing on Origin I do not think it would have worked out the same. But in EA’s defense Valve was not always the king of digital distribution. So maybe in 2-4 years Origin will be at least half as good, maybe.

For the most part Steam and me have had a very easy-going relationship. Every once in a while there would be a sale of a game that I would like to play and I get it. There have been some times where I wanted a specific game but it was not on Steam. At first I be a bit upset but get over it when I saw another game I liked.With that being said our relationship has changed. Now when I go on Steam it is like a seductive mistress that is constantly tempting me with sales and I blindly fall prey to her seduction. For example I have played Knights of the Old Republic one and two on the original Xbox and an older laptop. Last year I got KOTOR 1 last year and the second one only a few hours ago. The thing is I have already beat both of these games. I did not need to get them but I did anyways. More than likely I’ll beat them again to kill time before BioWare’s new IP drops.

Now if you ask me what brought about this change I honestly could not tell. Though it may have had to deal with how I changed my degree to Game Studies. After that my life has slowly been revolving more and more around games. Or the fact that this years sales are just kick ass but whatever it was I am totally ok with it. Though in the end Steam will always,hopefully, be a cool companion that makes you spend your entire paycheck about twice a year.



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