Thoughts On My Mind

In between my games of Civ 5 and finding a new job to get away from my current job that I dislike, I have been thinking. One of the things I was thinking about is my, hopefully, future in the world of game development. Just so you guys know I am currently in the progress of earning my degree in Game Studies. An during the summer break I figure I keep up what I learned by making a game. Nothing fancy, just playable. The problem that I have run in to right now is to find the motivation to start work.  When I do work, I can put in a few good hours of work. My problem was/is to get started.Now in the event I were to get payed to make this game it probably be done by now. But since no one, that I know of, is going to pay me for my current project will go in development nap time.  An the reason for putting my project in a vegetable state is because I want to get back into coding.

In the past I learned Visual Basic in high school and my first semester in college. An at the time I still did not know what I wanted to do with my life so I do not remember as much as I would like. So in the mean time I’m going to learn C++/C# through some online tutorials and a book I bought but have not used. So I’ll be learning code, again, for say the next 3-4 months. And I am doing this for two reasons. The first is to give me options in the event I do not land a job with a game company. I rather have a skill that can be used in multiple fields than be locked in to just one. The second reason is that programmers get payed very well and to be honest money, right now, is my biggest motivator. So if I have learned anything in my job search is to have skills that  make me an asset to an employer. Even though I prefer to start my own indie game company I would like to get paid and gain experience in the mean time.

With all this being said I will still occasionally work on my project but do not expect updates too often. If this makes you sad I will make it up with some new and interesting posts.

Lazy Transition

While still on the topic of indie games Microsoft has apparently change their policies when it comes to self publishing on the Xbox One. At a glance it seems they are going to make the Xbox One more accessible to everyone to make a game on the console but how they execute the policy is still up in the air. The video bellow will explain more.


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