Aussies Ban Saints Row 4(again)

Well according to Eurogamer and Joystiq articles the Australian Classification Board has refused to give the crazy over the top  super adventure game Saints Row 4 a rating, again. Now allegedly the game is being denied a rating this time due to its reference to drugs that give “superpowers” which was apparently a small issue during the first review.

Personally at this point I am kinda glad that I do not live in Australia right now. As an outsider looking in Australia seems to be bit more liberal and free in certain aspects than in America, except when it comes to video games apparently. At this point our friends down under will be getting a nerfed version of a game that is basically “mindless violence” but in a good way. One does have to wonder how much more Volition has to take out before the ACB will accept it. They already took out the alien anal probe what else needs to go?


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