Skyrim + Mods = Where did my week go?


So you might be wondering (or not) why I have  not posted in a while. The reasoning for my absence is mainly because I got back into Skyrim and this time with Skyrim Nexus.  I have used the site before but just recently I really started to dive deep into what the nexus has to offer. Now one my might be asking why I am playing a game that is almost two years old? To answer that question I did not get it till last December when it was on a sale. An in that time I have beat the game twice in and as of today have logged 131 hours. Though I do have to admit that I am a cheater, used a crap ton of console commands, but if you aint cheating you aint trying. An at this point and time I have put more time and effort into playing than I have with some other projects. For example I have several pages of id codes for things like Ebony ingots and Leather.

Though at this point this has come a bit of an addiction that lasts for about two weeks then I get back to reality. So probably around Tuesday or so I will actually have a real post instead of this fluff. But in the mean time I will go wander around Falskaar for a bit. An if you do not know what I am talking about then who you just did not pay attention to probably the worlds most public resume.





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