Saints Row 4 Midnight Release

As of right now it is 5:04 Central  time on August 19. An at midnight I will be receiving my copy of Saint Row 4 . Probably one of the most played games before it is officially released, just look around YouTube for game play footage. One of the few reason I am sad that I am not high profile game news site, oh well. With that being said GamesCon starts on the 21st in Germany so that leaves me in a dilemma. Do I report on GamesCon or do I play Saint Row 4? Thankfully the answer is clear for me since I do not have a passport or the money to fly to the nearest airport to me. So in the event I take a break from playing I will tell you all how fun it is and possibly find interesting  news from GamesCon.


4 thoughts on “Saints Row 4 Midnight Release

  1. drakulus23 says:

    I’m getting Splinter Cell Blacklist instead of Saints Row 4 but I know what you’re going through :]. I’m passing on Saints Row but in September Total War Rome 2 is the reason my social life is going to die.

    • To be honest the only real reason I am getting SR4 is because I convinced my younger sibling to buy it and I never really got into Splinter Cell though respect the series. Besides modding with Skyrim is my current time suck when not playing civ. 😀

      • drakulus23 says:

        I love the Splinter Cell games so i’m really looking forward to playing this one. As for Skyrim I love modding it. It’s a beautiful game and i’ve been playing it since it’s release date almost two years ago and i’m still not tired of it.

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