Why I am prejudice agaisnt the Wii U


First let me be clear, I loved my N64 and all the games that I got to play. My beef is with how Nintendo is and has been for the past few years.

To me the Wii U console is supposed to be the family friendly console that is supposed to be fun for everyone. It is supposed to be a console that little Timmy can play with his Grandpa. That part I get. What I do not like is that Nintendo runs on Nostalgia. When was the last time they came out with an original exclusive IP? By the way that is a serious question cause I honestly do not know. Now what really gets me mad is that Nintendo can get away with it because people who grew up with Mario and Zelda games will buy them. An parents and grand parents who are not so keen on letting little Timmy play COD will buy a Mario game cause it looks innocent. Which means Nintendo will continue to rehash the same games for as long as people buy them. Which in its self makes me mad cause I only wish I could do the same thing over and over again and get payed for it.

Now before I go any further with my rant, this is the part where I call out a fellow blogger that I personally follow. This blogger is Drackulus23, which is someone you should check out, and my beef is with this post that they posted yesterday. For whatever reason when I first saw that post I was consumed with rage. The nerd rage may have come from him saying that fans of the first game should be happy that Nintendo kept the developers going. Though I feel that why should I be happy to a sequel of a game, that was pretty good,  that will be on a totally different console. Now if one already has the money to buy multiple consoles then it’s not an issue. Though if you are only going to buy one console this upcoming holiday season that is not the Wii U but want to play Bayonetta 2 well you are just shit out of luck. But those are just some first world problems.

Since I got that out of my system, let’s get back to my final major grudge with Nintendo. Since they basically run on Nostalgia, with a few third-party games, they do not put them selves in a position to innovate.  Though I do give some particle credit when it comes to that big tablet like controller they made but the other consoles are expanding on that concept. Besides that Nintendo has not recently tried to reinvent the wheel mostly because they really don’t have to cause of Nostalgia.

So in conclusion Nintendo = Nostalgia


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