Dream DLC


Last night I had a had a fairly odd dream. My dream was of a new DLC for Saints Row 4 and added a variety of new enemy types. [Small Spoilers]From what I can remember is that my Dream DLC started as if the Earth was some how re-made. You as president go back to ruling the known free world as if nothing had happen. An before you go talk to the press about some boring issue you are attacked by aliens, again. (I know it’s not very original but keep with me) Though this time you are attacked by multiple alien species that are similar to enemy types found in Halo and in movies like District 9 and Alien. An  you being pocish rouge just sees this as another day at the office since you have the full might of the former Zyn Empire at your back.  So long story short you kill a ton of enemies, get new crazier weapons, and expand your empire.

Now I know my Dream DLC is not exactly ground breaking but I am pretty sure some one will make a mod or mods that are somewhat similar to my ideas. I personally would just like to see what people come up with in the months to come.



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