My Thoughts On GTA V


Last night I beat GTA 5’s main story and it was glorious. An by know you have probably heard that it has gotten perfect scores from pretty much every one and has broken 1 Billion dollars in sales. So I won’t bother telling you about that the solid controls, the great story, the attention to details and the great graphics that will look even better on next generation consoles.  Instead I am going to nit pick on the issues I had with the game.

  • Spend too much time looking at the mini map and sometimes miss out on the great scenery
  • I personally still do not like the controls for the  helicopter
  • Non modded cars suck
  • Textures will occasionally pop in, but is fairly rare

And that is my list of things I did not like about GTA V. As you can see the list is very short because the game does every thing else to a great degree. I honestly can’t think of anything really negative about the game. It’s just that good, it honestly should be game of the year. With that being said I have not played The Last of Us, regardless this is by far the best game I have ever played to date. Now I just have to wait for the multiplayer.


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