Steam Controller


After hearing speculation of what Valves third announcement might be they were all, not surprisingly, wrong. Though I am somewhat surprised that valve is coming out with a controller. But in reality it should not have been a surprised since they did just announce their version of a console.

When it comes to looks the controller is unique and that’s about it. On the other hand the features on it really grab ones attention. There are two things that really stand out about this controller. The first is that there are no joysticks or d-pads but dual track pads.  Now in theory this should actually work since both track pads are essential two flat joy sticks but with higher sensitivity. The other real noteworthy feature is the tough screen in the middle of the controller which will act as an extra button or buttons. Which is not too surprising since more and more of our technology is on tough screens.  Now if you want to get your hands on this bad boy early just sign up for the Beta testing that is probably already full. But if you like to look but not touch go here for more info.


On a side not I have notice that pretty much that all three of Valves announcement have either been met with ” OMG This Is Amazing!!!” or ” that’s cool, I look into it when it comes out.” An the second response of “eh, that’s nice” has been the over whelming response I have heard and felt. Though the reasoning for that is pretty simple.

  1. Everyone had already, unofficially, knew about the Steam Box
  2. Playing GTA 5
  3. Still waiting for Half-Life 3
  4. PS4 and Xbox One hype
  5. People who don’t use Steam don’t know what the hell is going on

With that being said I will end up buying a Steam Box and getting the Steam OS when they come out cause Valve makes guilty stuff. I just hope that since they are shooting for a broader audience that it works out like the Android did.



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