BF4 Beta and GTA Online

So today the Battlefield 4 Beta and GTA Online both became available today and I have experienced both to some degree. First let me talk about the BF4 beta. I got early access because I ended up paying for BF3 Premium, on sale during X-Mas break. So while playing the beta I learned two things. The first is that I suck at shooters, and my graphics card can’t handle the game, I got horrible lag even on low settings. The upside is that compared to the BF3 beta the game seems a lot more crisp at this stage. Though I do want to state that I played the BF3 beta on my PS3 and the BF4 beta on my PC. With that being said this feels like a much prettier Battlefield which means I probably will not get it until it goes on sale.   Same game, bigger scale.

Now lets change gears and talk about GTA Online. And we are done talking about GTA Online. Just in case you didn’t get the joke I didn’t do much of nothing. The most I did was create a character and that is it, period. Though it is not that surprising that the servers are overloaded since Rockstar even admitted to saying that they figured that this would happen and have made a public apology.  So instead of GTA Online I just messed around in GTA V until I went to work.

So in conclusion when it came to gaming for me today it was a lot of disappointment, but can still see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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