Sexism In Gaming (Female Comments Wanted Please)

Lately I have noticed that sexism has been brought up more and more in conversations when it comes to gaming. Though I am not too surprised because for many gamers and non gamers video games are still an all boys club. An I feel that it is true because it is ingrained in to the stereotype. An this is something I can personally relate to because being a young black male one might assume that I only listen to rap music and dress like a thug. An they would think that if they believed one of the many stereotypes about black people.

Though despite the fact that stereotypes are based on some truth, one should not use that as a blanket statement to describe any one person. In the world of video games sexism comes in two flavors, female characters and female gamers. There are a large number of games where if there is a playable female character, more than likely she will be wearing something impractical. I feel that Japan is one of the worst offenders especially when it comes to RPG’s. But American publishers, at times, are a close second.  An here is a visual just in case who have been living underneath a rock for a while.(picture is of Tera Armor)


This is just one of the many examples of were females are sexualized in video games. An if they are not sexualized they tend to be the damsel in distress. But the reasoning  behind this is usually an easy plot device. Which is understandable when you realize who  these game developers are making games for. They make them for males 18-30 years of age. Now put your self in the shoes of the  developers. If you know that young males are buying your games, would you not want to appeal to there interests? Cause I don’t know about you but if you show me a pair of boobs that will at least get me through the door.

Now this were I think the heart of the problem lies. That game developers still make games primarily for males. But according to the Entertainment Software Association 45% of gamers are female. Almost half of gamers are females yet we still have so much over sexualization of women in games.  Which in my opinion is more of a cultural issues than just a gaming issue, but that just me. Though at the same time I can not explain why there are so many female gamers despite so many games geared towards males.  It could be just that they don’t play games with lots of misogyny or they just don’t care. I honestly don’t know since I am a guy.

The second issue I noticed is that female gamers are sometimes seen as not real gamers. Or they just say that they play to get attention.  And here is where I think the stereotype that only guys play video games really comes into play. Cause if you ignorantly believe that only guy play video games then you are just stupid. But since we live in the age of the Internet it has become easier to say that you are a girl gamer and then get trolled by a bunch insecure men. An this type of behavior will continue as long as we have assholes. Also as a side note I don’t care for the term “girl gamer” but just gamer. And I feel this way because I don’t want to just be seen as a black man but simple as a man, but more specifically by my name.

Over all I feel this issue is not just a gaming issue but a cultural issue. An  until we change as a people or all assholes disappear then this will continue for as long as humanity lives. Though in the meantime we can win small battles by informing people to reduce their ignorance.  But  I would honestly like to know the female perspective on this so if you are a female and play video games please leave a comment.



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