LANFest Netwar 25.0

At the time that I am typing this I am currently attending LANFest Netwar 25.0. An for those of you who don’t know, LANFest is an organization that sets up LAN parties across the nation where the proceeds go to local charities. An just so you know Netwar is  the original name of the annual LAN party that happens in my city but they now fly underneath the LANFest flag.  Personally this is the first Netwar I have been to since they partnered with LANFest and I like the changes, for the most part. One thing that I really like is that now it is a lot more organized. Cause before you would  just show up, tell them your handle( if prepaid) and just take any open spot. This  time around you make a simple account on the LANFest website to register for your local event.

Now with this organization comes a bit of chaos cause the date of the event will be posted up months in advance but the day tickets go on sale  seems to be a bit more low-key. So the  only reason I even knew tickets were on sale because one of my friends tagged me in a Facebook post. But since I was trying to be fiscally responsible I did not buy my ticket till two days later, payday. An to my surprise I bought my ticket when there were only 30 of about 130 tickets left. Three days later all tickets were sold out and  week later the wait-list was full. Now before this was never an issue but that is due to a change of venue. The old venue held about 350 – 400 people. The new one holds less than half, but on the upside I do not have to drive as far so there is that. Another small downside is that there is no sleeping at the venue which is just more of an inconvenience and that the event use to be closer to 40 hours long, again another inconvenience. A small upside is that the event badges are a lot nicer but are a bit weird that they are just on a shoe lace and not a lanyard, probably cheaper.

Despite my personal issues to the changes I just came to play video games on my PC for  27 1/2 hours and enter the occasional tournament. Unfortunately the games that had tournaments I am either ok or straight garbage at. With that being said I initially had no intention of being in any tournament  until they announced during CS:GO tournament some of the teams were short. I pretty much waited till they were down too one open spot but was a second to late. An just so you know why I hesitated it’s because I got some carpal tunnel in my right hand and can’t always move the mouse for long without a lot of pain.  Though later on one of the admins snook up on me, I was watching anime, and a team needed a 5th player so I joined. Long story short we got raped and some of my old high school friends won like there 5th tournament at Netwar. Beside the fact that I can only play in short bursts and I do not feel the urge to play any of my games I am having a pretty good time.Which may seem odd but the only real reason anyone is here is for the prizes that will be raffle off.

The prizes ranging from computer towers, keyboards, motherboards and more. An the real upside is that now there won’t be people winning two prizes any more. Which kinda upset me the very first year I went to Netwar cause I saw several people when twice while I had won non. Though 2 years later I won a  CPU fan, which I still use, and apparently had won some RAM but I had already left . An if anything I would have just gave the RAM to anyone cause at the time I did not need it. But this year I am kinda hoping to just win a new tower or keyboard. Though if I end up just wining one of the smaller prizes I might just give away or try to trade it, depending on what it is. An considering there is about a 50/50 shot in winning any of the prizes I figure I’ll go home with something. An if I don’t win anything then I just had a mini vacation away from my family. So no matter how the day ends I come out a winner. I just hope the next Netwar is in spring cause it got real frosty at like 7am when I was sleeping in my car. Not the best way to wake up with only 3 hours of sleep.


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