Why did SWTOR Fail?

Recently I got back into Star Wars The Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR  for those in the know. After playing for a bit I quickly realized why I have to use cheats/mods to enjoy the game. The game is full of bugs and is very unbalanced most of the time. For example on any given planet there will be a couple of enemy NPC’s that you seem to only get a hit every third attack. Which can be very annoying when every time you miss they hit and time the battle is over you have a small sliver of life left. Another small issue is that during some conversations friendly  NPC’s will run around like they don’t know were to stand when you’re talking. Though besides those issues I still love the story and over all game play.

On the other hand SWTOR or KOTOR the MMO I have more mixed feelings about. First I would like to say that I was sucked in by the 2 year hype for the MMO that had to be perfect on launch to survive against WOW. An unlike other MMO’s I actually got a character to level 42 and had an alt character at level 23. Which for me was a big deal since any other MMO I played the farthest I got was level 30. I think the reason I even got so far in SWTOR was because of the story. The story was the only thing that really kept my interest in the game. But on the flip side the reasons I stopped was because of the grind and my character selection.

I am not the biggest MMO  fan but on occasion I get sucked in for the first three months  then I stop playing completely. The first reason I stop is because of the grind. Even though you grind your way through most games, MMO’s seem to always be the same. Go here, kill this, collect those, return and repeat.  At first I am ok  with it but once the novelty wears off it bores me.  The second reason I seem to fail at MMO’s is that I always seem to pick character types that use light to medium armor.  An when I build up a character I always seem to build one that always seems under powered. Which makes me made when I can’t kill NPC’s that I should be able to solo. Which brings me to the title of this post, why did SWTOR fail?

Personally I feel that one of the many reasons it failed was because of the grind.  At times the game did seemed more of a grind especially on Tatooine when you don’t have a speeder. Though I appreciate that they wanted to show the Star Wars universe, the distance one has to travel to reach ones objectives can be tiresome.  Another reason I feel it failed was because it tried to break the Holy Trinity of MMO’s. Which in a reality it did not but could have if they had given more direction on how to build one character. I am not saying they needed to show a completed skill tree to level 50 but at least to level 15  and say move up this tree. The third reason why SWTOR failed was because only some of the playable characters stories were of any real interest. I played as the Sith Inquisitor and Imperial Agent and the agents story was by far more interesting than the Inquisitor. But the fourth and biggest reason why it failed was because it did not live up to the hype. The game was hyped for years before it was released and I feel it never lived up to it.

For the most part SWTOR is KOTOR the MMO which for the most part is a good thing. But there are some technical issues that keep it from being the game that it could have been. Though I am glad that it went to free to play because, at least at launch, it was not totally worth paying for each month.


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