ESO Beta


This weekend I got an invite to the Elder Scrolls Online beta and from what I can tell it is is essentially Skyrim the MMO. An for me at least that is a good thing and yet a bad thing at the same time. It’s good because it has everything that I love about Skyrim. From the very beginning they start a strange yet interesting story with the usual interaction one would expect from a Bethesda game. The initial starting world is very liner but short and to the point. After escaping death you return to Tamriel and that is where the fun begins. You can either follow the main quest or just wander around and do side quest. I just wondered around for about 30 seconds and a side quest came to me. Just from what I played I realized that there is always something to do even when you are not doing anything in particular. An that is where the down side of the game comes in.

As soon as I realized it was so easy to come across multiple quest at once I had to stop playing. I stopped playing because I knew I was going to get sucked in and keep playing.  To be accurate this downside is more of a personal one than a game issue. Cause anyone who played Skyrim sunk in at least a hundred hours into it. Then when you add the MMO component to it  I foresee the drop of GPA’s everywhere. Besides the whole time suck issue, this beta is pretty solid. Some of the load times were a bit long but that’s to be expected. The combat is interactive and not just you hitting hot keys. The graphics are pretty cool but was not able to push too far due to my crappy graphics card. Overall this is one of the better betas I have played. Though one thing still concerns me and that is will it crash and burn like SWTOR?

As of right now I do not think it will since SWTOR was a tad bit over hyped and delayed twice. ESO on the other hand has kept a fairly casual low profile. Then there is the fact that ESO has a real-time combat system and not  a turn based one. There is also the fact that ESO is not trying to change MMO’s while at the same time being a MMO. But we will just have to wait and see what happens to see if it can hang with the contested King of MMO’s(WOW).


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