Me and Win 8

Today I am going to do something out of the ordinary and do my first impressions of Win 8. Now I am doing this because my mother got a new laptop with Win 8 and I set it up today. After the initial registering and creating accounts stuff  I got to the start menu. Now anyone who has watched any t.v. have seen at least one Microsoft commercial that shows of the app-centric start menu.


My very first impressions is of hate. I hate it because of the big ugly tiles that try any get you to share every little thing about you. So that hate turned to a tinge of anger because of the NSA. Now I am not saying that the NSA and Microsoft  are sharing the same bed but they are in the same house. An if you think other wise then you might be crazy or work for the government. But after I had my internal monologue I remembered that this is not my computer so it’s not my problem.

Though after I messing with it for a bit longer my anger turned into to sadness because I started to remember about Win Vista. For me Vista will always be seen as the friend that could function in society but didn’t always seem to be all there. Vista  for the most part worked but had some small yet irritating bugs. Now I am not saying Win 8 is buggy like Vista but Windows does have a reputation. An in case you didn’t know that reputation is that every other OS Microsoft makes suck. An Win 8 is that other OS.

But in the end this all really does not matter since its not my laptop. So as long as my mother is happy then it is all good.



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