Why the BF4 Rage?


As most of you have heard by now is that Battlefield 4 has issues. Most of those issues are on the console side but PC has its fair share too(Bow to the PC Master Race). Now I am not going to go an bash EA and Dice  for not taking a page out of the Ubisoft play book and delay the game. Though I will go as far as to blame some high up execs, who for the most part don’t play video games, for wanting the game released to reach their predicted sales to please their stock holders. But with that being said there lays one of two big issues. The first is that EA, despite being seen as the anti-Christ by some gamers , is a business first. There for they are going to do thing that allow them to make the most profit. So if making the most profit means putting out a game that is only 85% done they will do it. An they can get away with it because on like other products they can send out patches for it. A video game is not like a car were it needs to work right out the gate. Though if car companies could send out an unfinished car and patch it later I am absolutely positive that they would.

Another issue is that EA feels it needs to compete with other shooters by having the most features. Personally I feel that the Battlefield series has been around long enough where it needs to focus less on its competition and more on its core game play.  Cause there are no other triple A title games that are like Battlefield. Though I now that people want to compare BF to COD but they have different play styles. An besides Battlefield is a franchise with several games behind it which means it is obviously doing something right. Now Titanfall  on the other hand kinda has to reinvent the wheel if they want to compete with BF or COD. An they have to cause they are new IP’s  and not established franchises. An I am not even going to talk about Destiny or The Division sense they are a hybrid FPS/MMORPG.

Now the second big issue is us the gamers. I for one am guilty of saying to my self “why did I pay for this piece of shit game”, Medal of Honor Warfighter. An to keep things real, there are games out there that are just garbage and should have never been released. But BF4 is not one of them, though it would not have hurt if they delayed the game a few months to make sure it worked properly.(or they could have done more open betas) Though I do whole heartedly agree that there are at times issues where the game is not very enjoyable due to the NET code. Or a combination of map design and game type. But for the most part when the game works it is very enjoyable.

Now that we got the game issues out of the way lets talk about the people playing the game. I personally feel that about half of ones problems can be contributed to playing dumb. I may not be the best player out there but I play to my strengths and I play smart. If you are the type to just run out into the open and get mad that you end the game 3/13 then you are playing dumb. For many of Battlefields game types if you want to do well you should play at a slower pace than say COD. Also Check Your Corners! An most important of all, PTFO! And for those who don’t know PTFO stands for Play The Fucking Objective! So don’t just go around for kills in a game of Rush. And if you play Assault or Support class please please please drop your med/ammo pack. Be a team player. An if that doesn’t work out for you go to YouTube and look up ways to be a better player. And if you are still having issues make sure that your computer is not the issue for a part of your poor performance. An after all this you still are not enjoying the game then either you just suck or you should ask for your money back.



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