Mash Up: Star Trek and Mass Effect

Star Trek Mass-Effect-Logo-Wallpaper

Last night I  had a pretty awesome dream of what would happen if some how  the Mass Effect universe merged with the Star Trek universe. Which got me thinking that both worlds have a lot of similarities.

  • Galactic ruling body – Alliance/Federation
  • Long distance space travel-Warp Drive/ FTL Drive
  • Destructive alien force – Harbinger/Borg
  • Kick ass captains – Shepard/ Kirk

Now one of the huge differences is that in Star Trek they like to play with the whole space-time continuum. While in Mass Effect they don’t, mostly because of the whole fight for our existence thing. But if I was really into fan fiction this is how my story would go.

It would start post Mass Effect 3 where Shepard lives so he/she can be like “yea I saved the Galaxy, it wasn’t a big deal”. So Shepard and friends, except Ash cause  I hate her botox look in ME3, are flying through space in the Normandy like Bosses. While they were all out checking up on those who survived they came across a conveniently placed rupture in space and time where they end up in the Star Trek universe and meet Kirk and the gang.(Probably go with new Kirk and not OG Kirk) An from there one could make an entire game or one season of the crazy adventures of Kirk/Shepard and crews. Also I would probably go Fem Shep just so there is some sexual tension between commanding officers. But that’s what I would do if I were into fan fictions.


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