Tech Reviews: Radeon 7850 and Roccat Isku


During the X-Mas break I got a XFX Radeon HD 7850 GPU and a Roccat Isku keyboard. First lets talk about the 7850 which is a mid-range graphics card that cost about $150. To test out this card I played Battlefield 4 which is the quote un-quote benchmark game.  Now some would say Crysis 3 is the benchmark game but since I don’t have it I’ll go with Battlefield 4.  Anyways this card performance playing online varied quite a bit depending if the servers were solid or not. If I was on a lag free server I was getting a solid 60 frames per-second and maxed out at around 80 frames per-second. Though if the action got really crazy with grenade spamming the fps would drop as low as 20. But if you were just using your eyes and not Fraps, I would say it never dropped bellow 50.

Now on the other hand there are two small downsides to this card. To get the best performance out of the card it will take some time messing with the setting of the gpu and the game. It took me some time to figure out the right balance of looking pretty and performing well. Another issue is that if you are playing a game or watching a video in full screen and the scene is mostly dark the screen will fade to black. But if you move your mouse the picture comes back. Now I am not sure if this issues is a driver, monitor, or hardware issue. If anything it is an annoying little thing that only got me killed once in BF4.


The Roccat Isku keyboard is my first gaming keyboard and is very different than your usual keyboard. The biggest difference is that the buttons are firmer that any normal keyboard and seem a bit more responsive. Also I think the buttons are a bit bigger cause I seem to miss type more cause of the different spacing. Which can be annoying in gaming since I have this weird issue of my left hand moving over and hitting the wrong keys when playing. Besides my personal issues there is a set of macro keys that can be easily be programed. I have not messed with them since I have no macros I  use on a daily basis.  For the most part this keyboard is really solid and it should be for the $85 price tag. But in all reality I probably have to use this keyboard for at least a year before I can tell if it was really worth it.


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