Late to the Party- BF4 Campaign Review

So about a week ago I decided to play the Battlefield 4 campaign since the multi-player was being stupid and I was getting shot through walls. After I started up a new game I instantly thought of the extended trailer that came out last year. Though one of the biggest difference is that I was more impressed with the game play trailer as I was with the actual game. Another initial issue was when I ordered my squad to shoot a target. In the begining of the game this was a bit useful when you had an transport helicopter or  a tank at your disposal. But when it’s just you, Hannah and Irish then the AI can’t hit anything.

An speaking of Hannah and Irish they are probably the most annoying characters I have ever had to deal with in a first person shooter. Now I know that most of Dice and EA’s efforts went into the multi-player but the constant back and forth between Irish and Hannah is just unbearable. Its annoying because for most of the game Irish has  a “don’t trust this bitch” attitude  after knowing her for about 10 seconds. While Hannah plays the  “I need you to trust me but I can’t tell you why” card. For the most part Irish is usually the instigator when he fights with Hannah for the most part till about the end of the game were they finally make nice. Which is more can be said about Pac who is in the first half of the game, disappears for a bit, and just reapers at the end of the game, like magic.

But my biggest beef with the characters is the player you play, Recker. After the first mission Recker was put in charge of the squad but  for the most part Irish takes charge. The only time any one remembers that you are in charge is when you give an “Engage” order. But as I said earlier no one can hit anything.  An this issue is even more clear because Recker does not say a single word in the entire game. Now I feel if Recker could actually talk and actually give orders that in itself  would have made this game a lot better.


As for the rest of the game its your pretty standard shooter. Go here, kill them, rinse wash and repeat.  The only thing that I kinda liked was the points it gives you to kill things. The more points you get, you can earn a bronze, silver, or gold ranking at the end of the level. Which is one a few things that would promote one to replay the game. But in reality I got a gold ranking for each level on my first play through. So that option was out the window. Though on the up side, depending on one of  three lame endings, you can unlock a gun for multi-player.  That, in  my opinion is the only real reason to even play the single player. On a side note, I wish there was an option for Recker to sacrifice himself so he can finally stop listening to Irish and Hannah.With that being said lets talk about the things I hated about this game besides Hannah and Irish.

There is one level where you invade a beach D-Day style, though not as heroic or as terrifying, and after some fighting end up in a tank. The first section is not too bad since you are in a tank and there are buildings for cover. Now later on in the level you end up with a Chinese LAV because there is a road block that prevents any further movement of the tank.  So you get in the LAV and have to deal with 2 tanks ,2 LAV’s and a anti-tank placement. This part really pissed me off because you could only carry so many rockets and your LAV only could take so much damage. So I constantly played “Shoot from the LAV, jump out shoot a rocket or two, then get back in the LAV.” I found this to be the best strategy since Irish and Hannah were of  no help as usual. Plus with the little cover there was one had to move fast and a lot to survive.


Another issue I had was the game is super linear. Cause if you wanted to go some where you mostly had to go straight ahead. Though there were times where you could go up or off to the side and that’s about it. Then there are the huge set pieces that say “look at what our game engine can do” that litter the game.  Which for the most part are pretty neat but not necessary to actual game play.

Overall if you are playing BF4 you are playing for the multi-player. Though I do have to say that this single player is a lot more enjoyable than the BF3 one. Considering I thought that was the worst campaign mode from any first person shooter that I had ever played. But in the end I am just waiting for Dice and EA to fix the multi-player and then I’ll be happy.


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