Random Thoughts

So lately I have just been posting short youtube videos I have found from time to time which to seems to be working out according to my daily stats. Anyways I have been just kinda busy with life and stuff but more importantly I been playing some Bioshock Infinite. An personally, so far, I find it to be one of the best games I have ever played ever. Its really great because the balance of the shooting and the powers. Also the game gives enough challenge without feeling over powered. An that’s how I feel after only playing only four hours. Hopefully I can finish it fairly soon so I can get to the DLC which I heard is awesome.

In other news I have gotten back into playing Skyrim so finishing Bioshock may take a while.

In other other news my birthday is April 5 and I will spend it seeing the new Captain America movie, playing Skyrim and/or Bioshock Infinite and work on a dev doc for a summer project. And some where on my day of birth will be some drinking of something alcoholic.

If there has been one thing that I have learned in the past few week is that learning how to program can be a lot more difficult when you teacher decides to be vague on concepts for and intro class. Though thankfully there is the internet and more specifically Reddit. An thanks to Reddit I was able to finish a small program and learned how to make it even more stream lined. So thank you internet.

An in the event anyone cares I also got into League of Legends. An because of that I have started better time management to find time for school, work, gaming and other stuff. But that being said I really just have gotten better at knowing what I can slack off on.  So if you really liked my posts there may be even fewer of them. But according to my daily views I seem to get more views when I just throw up video  sooooo more videos and the occasional written post in the future. For those who care.

If you have read this far thank you for putting up with my little rant and I send you 5 internet dollars. Now excuse while I get my drink on.


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