What Happened to Rainbow Six: Patriots?

While talking to a friend today about games that we are looking forward to playing we started to talk about Ubisoft games. That conversation led to me thinking “what the hell happened to Rainbow Six: Patriots?” So after some quick google fu I found  nothing ground breaking. But after looking at the footage that was released, before it could be leaked three years ago, I got to thinking.  It kinda looks like an pre-alpha for The Division. But that doesn’t mean much cause Ubisoft likes to  take assets from one Tom Clancy game and put it in another. Though personally though I just hope it is not shelved for ever cause I really like Rainbow Six games.


One thought on “What Happened to Rainbow Six: Patriots?

  1. Wow I had forgotten that this even existed. I remember it sounding like an interesting premise, but for me the Tom Clancy games are too hit and miss for me to have cared, but now I am pretty curious as to what happened.

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